v1.1.0 Fresh new look

Ver 1.1.0 has just been released. Its mostly a UI refresh with tightened up layouts and controls in all views. No drastic changes, things should be more intuitive and there are additional help beacons dotted around to assist newcomers.  

*New* Run Report

View an individual run with a plan-to-date summary, splits and map from various screens. Also, when syncing a new run with Smashrun, the report will pop up and display the last synced run. Ways to view the new Run Report – look for the magnifying glass icon

Help docs + New sync system

Docs I’ve finally got some docs in place and will be adding to them actively. Search for help Browse popular articles Link out to the full docs site: http://help.runplan.training/ Send a help message directly, its still just me 🙂   Range sync Smashrun sync from the top bar continues to sync “latest runs” and the link

Auto-sync activities

There seem to be 2 schools of thought here and Runplan is now geared for both. We always create an activity if there is no unsynced activity for the date in question – that’s a given. The question is whether or not to allocate the synced distance to your plan goal distance. School 1 (the

Connections feed

Connections allow you to see recent activities from friends. Find and follow anyone on Runplan If someone you’re following follows you – you’re connected and can see more detail for each other’s activities See a dashboard summary in the home screen Click the connections icon for a more detailed feed and to find and manage

New timeline view

A new home screen view offers ‘zooming’ to show different levels of detail. The preferred view – Timeline | Tiles | Calendar – can now also be set. The timeline is a compact view packing in loads of data If you sync with Smashrun your stats become easily see and compare Multi-activity days are also