Runplan release v1


After a round of public Beta testing, Runplan has now gone live with V1.

  • Fresh new look and feel for tiles and weeks in home screen
    • Weekly summary for tiles view
    • Selected range highlighted
    • Move or swap activities between days
    • Handling of overlapping plans
  • Flexible units – set mi/km as a preference or per plan, imported plans can have their units changed
  • Multiple activities per day
    • Create multiples directly or on-the-fly via sync from Smashrun
    • Set preferred activity to default in home screen
  • Dynamic splits – now you can quickly see if the run was negative split
    • Divide by /1 /2 /3 /4 or x2 (for half mi/km splits view)
  • Better plan imports and plan editor
    • graph preview in editor
    • add multiples
    • Set week start day
    • delete from end of plan
    • Pace now split into From and To fields
    • Time based training better handled

Brilliant support for the runplan community – thanks to those who gave great feedback on the beta!!