Every plan tells a story

This is how it all started for me – getting ready for the 2016 London marathon. A long steady period of base training leading into a 16 week marathon plan. Despite the prep I picked up a plantar fasciitis injury in week 16. Still, it was great motivation being able to see the miles ahead – don’t think I would have done it without runplan (at least not as effectively).
The goal was 4:20 and I came in in 4:25 – I think everyone would agree, the first one is a baptism of fire and its also true what they say about those last 6 miles…
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Both the planning and the running are now just a part of my life.
This is the runplan tile for the Marathon in 2016
(gps anomaly in mile 20 – no ways I had 7:10 mile in me at that stage!)