Auto-sync activities

There seem to be 2 schools of thought here and Runplan is now geared for both.

We always create an activity if there is no unsynced activity for the date in question – that’s a given. The question is whether or not to allocate the synced distance to your plan goal distance.

School 1 (the Runplan default) – Don’t create plan distance

  • Typical if you like to break a planned activity into separate recordings e.g. warmup, run, cool down
  • If you know that your plan is ‘gospel’ for all you activities this is the way to go
  • You plan goal will never get ‘inflated’ via auto sync
  • Beware though that you may end up over-reporting on your completed delta if your plan does not account for the distanaces


School 2 – Create the plan distance

  • Sometimes you just do a bunch of ad-hoc runs outside of your plan e.g. you just decide to run home from work.
  • With this setting, the synced distance will get added to your plan goal

Set your preference in your Runplan profile

Whichever approach you choose you can always  change the goal by editing the run or, for un-assigned au-generated syncs the cogs allow quick assignment