Category: Releases

v1.1.0 Fresh new look

Ver 1.1.0 has just been released. Its mostly a UI refresh with tightened up layouts and controls in all views. No drastic changes, things should be more intuitive and there are additional help beacons dotted around to assist newcomers.  

*New* Run Report

View an individual run with a plan-to-date summary, splits and map from various screens. Also, when syncing a new run with Smashrun, the report will pop up and display the last synced run. Ways to view the new Run Report – look for the magnifying glass icon

Runplan release v1

  After a round of public Beta testing, Runplan has now gone live with V1. Fresh new look and feel for tiles and weeks in home screen Weekly summary for tiles view Selected range highlighted Move or swap activities between days Handling of overlapping plans Flexible units – set mi/km as a preference or per